A new multifaceted entertainer from Alabama, Da Real Nino, released a new single titled “TURN UP” in August 15, 2020

Da Real Nino is set to continue in his request of disrupting the entertainment industry with the recent release “Turn Up”.The single was released August 15, 2020 and is predicted to usher in another twist to the music scene as the Alabama-based entertainer looks to show his diversity and creativity to the world.

The music industry and the world of entertainment have witnessed the emergence of several talents that have done their part in satisfying the needs of music lovers worldwide. One new kid on the block that has been able to turn heads in a short while is the talented Da Real Nino. His unique sound and storytelling approach has stood him up from the pack, using his ingenuity to narrate real-life situations in an entertaining yet impactful way. His goal of using music as a tool to inspire people to believe in their abilities has helped him to create thought-provoking songs, which has helped him to grow in confidence, following the support and warm and reception from his fans across social media.

Da Real Nino is currently working on his debut EP, which will include some of the songs he had has written and recorded over the past 6 months. In his tradition, Da Real Nino pours his heart and mind out, offering the best lyric content, vibe, and production. The artist is working with some heavyweights in the industry, including DotCom, who has mixing and mastered the record and will be serving music lovers 15 amazing songs in his debut project.

Da Real Nino aims to continue in the pursuit of giving a new face to the music industry, even as he hopes to collaborate with the likes of Lil Wayne, an artist he has described as “the overall greatest rapper of all time.”

“TURN UP” as well as other work from Da REal Nino will be available across several digital platforms.